Awards and accolades

You can trust that Goshen Health has a deep commitment to the health of the community, investing in the latest technology and providing true care from loyal professionals who are faithful to their patients. As a result, we have earned several national awards. These recognitions follow a long tradition of excellence that spans across a wide array of areas – all contributing to you receiving the best quality of care. Here’s why Goshen Health is among the best in the area – and in the nation. You’ve known it all along. And now everyone else does, too. 

Leading the Nation

Nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done. And nowhere is that more true than at Goshen Health, the number one workplace in the nation for job satisfaction, according to HR Solutions International Inc. Since high levels of job satisfaction are associated with excellence in service, it’s no surprise that Goshen Health is also number one in concern for patient care. 

Measured against 350,000 respondents – more than half from healthcare – Goshen Health is best of the best across the nation, leading all healthcare companies surveyed in a remarkable four categories: 

#1 in Overall Job Satisfaction—Colleagues of Goshen Health are more satisfied with their jobs than any other healthcare organization in the country. 

#1 in Concern for Patient Care—Respondents judged their peers, their employers and themselves to gauge both quality of care and organizational commitment to patients.

#1 in Productivity and Efficiency—Colleagues at Goshen Health work as a team to develop best practices for the greatest impact on patient care.

#1 in Promotions and Career Advancement—Rewards for achievement and opportunities for growth are second to none at Goshen Health. Furthermore, Goshen Health achieved elite ranking in the top 1 percent in four categories: 

  • Top 1% in Strategy and Mission—The mission of Goshen Health is to improve the health of our communities by providing innovative, outstanding care and services through exceptional people doing exceptional work. Goshen Health Colleagues know, understand, agree with and implement the mission we share to improve patient care. 
  • Top 1% in Communication—Teamwork at Goshen Health crosses shifts and positions, keeping Colleagues informed and respecting the role of each in creating the best experience for patients. 
  • Top 1% in Pay Satisfaction—Competitive pay is maintained through periodic benchmarking and ongoing review of the job market.
  • Top 1% in Physical Working Conditions—Colleague satisfaction with security, workspaces and amenities is an organizational priority at Goshen Health. 

Best in its class

Goshen Health is a great place to work, as echoed by its Colleagues, with national stature among the top 1 percent of all surveyed companies. HR Solutions recognized Goshen Health with the added distinction of “Best in Class” in an unprecedented 16 of 18 areas, awarded for reaching the top 10 percent of each measure.