Bariatrics and Weight Loss Management

Start living the life you deserve

It takes courage to take the first step toward changing your life for a healthier, happier one. We want to help you make the first move toward the life you want and deserve. At Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction, we offer weight loss options that help you reach your weight loss goals. We also give you the knowledge and resources to maintain a new body and lifestyle.

Our first goal is to help you let go of common misconceptions surrounding medically managed weight loss programs and bariatric surgery options. You may think you will never be able to eat again or will always be hungry. You may worry that bariatric surgery is risky or that a physician-directed weight loss program may be too expensive.

Surround yourself with everything to succeed

When you come to the Center for Weight Reduction, we help you understand the risks, benefits and rewards of weight loss options. That's because we’ve created an environment focused on guidance and education. You experience an atmosphere of encouragement and receive the support that other programs overlook. Once you complete your comprehensive program, you’ll have the tools to maintain the new you.

At Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction, we believe you are wholly unique, and we never treat you as anything else.

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* Weight loss results may vary from patient to patient.

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    Amber didn’t let setbacks stop her success. She lost 165 pounds!

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