Bariatrics and Weight Loss Management

Restore the new you

Weight gain happens sometimes, even for patients who have had weight loss surgery. After a period of weight loss, you may realize that you are regaining weight or not able to lose more weight. Talk to your doctor first, if you begin to regain weight after gastric bypass or other weight loss surgery. You may need a thorough evaluation to determine what factors – medical, psychological, lifestyle – could be involved in the weight gain.

We offer a revision to your weight loss surgery to help you restore your life and get you back on a healthy weight loss path. 

Revisional options after weight loss surgery

Our goal is to help you maximize your weight loss by selecting the right treatment options to minimize risks and complications. You and your doctor should discuss the available treatment options so you know what to expect from revisional surgery.

Is revisional surgery right for you?

Usually, you need to look into a bariatric revision procedure for one of two reasons. The first is technical complications, such as a slippage of your lap-band or chronic nausea after gastric bypass surgery. The second reason is a lack of steady weight loss or significant weight regain over a period of time.

Results from bariatric revision surgery can vary depending on the type of original surgery and the reason for the initial surgery failure. Many patients find that a follow-up procedure can help them resume weight loss. Patients may not experience a dramatic initial weight loss with revisional surgery, but they often see substantial results over time.

If you have started to regain weight after a weight loss procedure, we can perform an examination at Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction to determine if you are a good candidate for revisional surgery.

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Revisional options after weight loss surgery

Conversion to gastric bypass

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