Bariatrics and Weight Loss Management

Medically managed weight loss options

We recognize that bariatric surgery isn’t the best solution for everyone. That's why we include a physician-directed weight loss program as part of our approach at Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction. This program is a unique, effective weight loss and maintenance plan that helps you achieve long-term success. You receive the same medical care and attention as you do from our other programs, but without surgery

How our program works 

Whether you're looking to lose 25 to 60 pounds, 100 pounds or even more, our physician-directed weight loss program can provide remarkable results, just at a slower rate than bariatric surgery. Our program offers you flexible, customizable plans that include regular visits with our weight loss experts, a nurse practitioner, personal trainers, dietitians and support groups. We work with you to choose and personalize the program that fits you the best – with the appropriate level of intensity to meet your ultimate weight loss goals. Each program is comprehensive and includes complete access to our private fitness center.

Our team is with you throughout your journey

Whatever your needs, we stick with you throughout your journey. Then, we send you back into the world a healthier and happier you with the tools you need to stay that way.

Nurse practitioner – You meet regularly with a nurse practitioner who has a strong background in adult health, mental health and acute care. The nurse practitioner assists with any questions you may have and monitors your weight loss and body composition throughout your journey.

Certified personal trainers – You also consult with a personal trainer regularly. Our certified personal trainers develop a physical fitness program based on your health and weight loss goals and monitor your progress.

Registered dietitians – Our registered dietitians conduct a personal assessment, review your medical history and weight loss goals and help you to develop meal and menu plans during and after weight loss.

Monthly support groups – Wonderful changes, both physical and emotional, await you as you embark on your program. Our monthly support groups help you embrace positive changes and overcome any emotional or spiritual obstacles you may face.

Take the next step

We understand you have a lot to think about when taking such a big step to unveil the real you. And we know that a physician-directed weight loss program may not be the best solution for everyone. That’s why we’re here to guide you through this life-changing process. Our team of weight loss experts can determine the weight loss plan that’s right for you. Plus, we give you all the time you need to help you make the best possible choice.

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* Weight loss results may vary.


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