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A place to stay

If you are traveling over 50 miles to receive cancer treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, you and your caregiver may want to stay overnight at the CARE House. This house is a project sponsored by the CARE (Community Action Reaching Everyone) Foundation, Inc., and was built to provide each cancer patient and his or her caregiver with overnight accommodations in a home-like environment. There is no cost to stay at CARE House, but donations are encouraged.

Current blog articles

  • A different kind of care: Dr. James Wheeler


    Long-time experts can sometimes be resistant to change; this isn’t the case for Dr. James Wheeler. For 30 years, Dr. Wheeler has been a practicing radiation oncologist, with 13 of those years spent at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. In that time, Dr. Wheeler has not only seen the field of radiation oncology modernize, he’s helped advance Goshen Center for Cancer Care into one of the top cancer centers for radiation oncology in the country. 

  • Offering hope through research: Dr. von Holzen


    What makes Goshen Center for Cancer Care physicians different? They go above and beyond for their patients. Take Director of Surgical Oncology Urs von Holzen, MD, MBA, FACS. Not only is Dr. von Holzen a board certified and fellowship trained surgical and thoracic oncologist, he brings with him a tireless commitment to actively find solutions for the cancers he fights on a daily basis. 

  • Combining Expert Naturopathic Medicine with Conventional Cancer Treatments


    For Rebecca Lovejoy, naturopathic doctor at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, the recipe for a good day consists of getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, effectively managing stress, staying physically active, enjoying nature and spending quality time with her family. An even better day, however, is when she can help her patients do the same.

  • Dr. Leonard Henry leads Goshen Center for Cancer Care with patient-centered, expert care


    Why does highly specialized care matter, if everyone’s treating the same disease? Because just like every person is different, every cancer is just a little bit different, too. That’s why, at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we’ve embraced a multidisciplinary approach in which physicians, nurses, dieticians, mind-body counselors and naturopathic providers all work together to develop expertly tailored care plans for each patient, and each individual cancer diagnosis.

  • Self-care during the holidays for those with cancer


    For those on the cancer journey, the holiday season may also be a time of simply not having the energy or funds to keep up with expectations from past years.

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