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A place to stay

If you are traveling over 50 miles to receive cancer treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, you and your caregiver may want to stay overnight at the CARE House. This house is a project sponsored by the CARE (Community Action Reaching Everyone) Foundation, Inc., and was built to provide each cancer patient and his or her caregiver with overnight accommodations in a home-like environment. There is no cost to stay at CARE House, but donations are encouraged.

Current blog articles

  • Why good nutrition is key to the fight against cancer


    Nutrition plays a crucial role in reducing cancer risk and in sustaining your health if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

  • 5 potential warning signs of lung cancer


    A cough that won't quit, hoarseness, difficulty breathing. If you've ever experienced these symptoms, you may have assumed you were coming down with a cold or suffering from seasonal allergies — and you were probably right. However, if these symptoms continue for some time, they can also indicate a much bigger problem: lung cancer.

  • National Cancer Control Month: How you can reduce your risk of cancer


    Eating right is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your cancer risk. In honor of National Cancer Control Month, start making these changes in your eating habits to reduce your risk of cancer.

  • Not a smoker? You could still be at risk for lung cancer


    Did you know that smoking isn’t the only cause of lung cancer? While the vast majority of lung cancer cases (about 90 percent) can be attributed to smoking, about 10 percent of lung cancers occur in non-smokers.

  • How to prepare for cancer treatment


    There's no real way to prepare yourself for a cancer diagnosis. However, you can do a lot when it comes to getting ready for treatment. Preparing for cancer treatment can give you a sense of control and boost your outlook. 

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