Breast Cancer

Treatment options for patients with breast cancer

Whether you've caught your breast cancer early, it's spread to other parts of the body or you want to know about genetic testing to manage your risk, you can rest assured that we offer ways of taking care of you unlike anywhere else in our region. Our cancer experts combine proven medical, radiation and surgical therapies to attack the disease as well as holistic medicines to help maintain your quality of life.

Innovative therapies unlike anywhere else

Here at Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we want to change the way our patients live. That's why our innovative therapies stretch beyond the standard of care for breast cancer. It's also why we've built the only comprehensive high risk breast cancer program in our region. We attack breast cancer like no one else – and offer healing and hope close to home.

Helping high risk patients take control

We all want to reduce the chances of getting a life-threatening disease, like breast cancer. That's why we take steps every day to help our patients better understand and manage their risks. Through our high risk breast cancer program, we can determine if you’re at high risk for breast cancer, then provide an action plan that fits your overall health, lifestyle and personal preferences. LEARN MORE

Improving outcomes with partial breast radiation 

Stop growth. Shrink tumors. Keep it from coming back. That's the power of partial breast radiation. We offer four different radiation techniques, more than any other facility in our area. Each gives us ways to preserve healthy tissue as we attack and stop the growth of cancer cells. LEARN MORE

Targeting radiation treatment

We use an advanced radiation procedure called tomotherapy to attack a tumor from every angle with thousands of microscopic beams. This isolates and destroys cancer without damaging nearby healthy tissue. It also minimizes side effects and speeds recovery. LEARN MORE 

Reconstructing breasts with surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery is an integral part of our comprehensive breast cancer program. LEARN MORE

Right treatment for you

Whether you have just been diagnosed or you are looking for a second opinion, you can find help – and hope – here. We offer a wide range of treatment options that we use alone or in combination with conventional and holistic medicines.

  • Surgery offers the greatest chance for diagnosis and cure of primary and metastatic breast cancer.
  • Chemotherapy and other medical oncology therapies destroy cancer cells, oftentimes with targeted approaches that cause less damage to normal, healthy cells.
  • Targeted radiation kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors, while avoiding healthy tissue.
  • Integrative therapies reduce stress, enhance the immune system and diminish the side effects of certain medical conditions and conventional treatments.
  • Diagnostic services help us detect the cancer, identify its stage and determine treatment options.

Pushing the limits

We always are looking for ways to help patients with cancer live longer, with fewer side effects and a better quality of life. That’s why our dedicated team of oncologists and research experts works every day to discover potential breakthrough therapies – medicines and treatments that may stop the growth of cancer or eliminate signs of the disease.

Unparalleled expertise in one center

Nowhere else can you find a team of cancer experts dedicated solely to treating patients who have cancer. These nationally recognized surgical, medical, radiation and interventional oncologists work together in one group to build a treatment plan specifically for you. That means you come to one place for complete, comprehensive cancer care from diagnosis to treatment and support throughout your journey.

From risk assessment and early stage treatment to advanced therapy options, our specialists have the training and experience needed to aggressively treat breast cancer.

We can help 

You and your team of cancer experts can discuss options that are right for you, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and integrative therapies.

Call (888) 492-HOPE to talk with our oncology information specialists.