Breast Cancer

Plastic and reconstructive breast surgery

Your physical appearance and cosmetic concerns are an important part of your cancer treatment. That's why breast reconstruction surgery is an integral part of our comprehensive breast cancer program at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. 

We also offer additional surgery that rebuilds the breast to the same size and shape as it was before. Most women who have had a mastectomy qualify for this procedure. 

Our cancer experts 

Our fellowship-trained surgical oncologists and researchers specialize in breast preservation surgery to treat women with less stress and apprehension than ever before. Many women with early stage breast cancer can receive a lumpectomy followed by partial breast radiation with the same results as a total mastectomy. 

In addition, our patients benefit from our unique integrated environment. Surgical options are seamlessly blended with other advanced treatments, including medical and radiation therapies, naturopathic medicine and nutrition, as well as supportive services to offer the most complete care available. 

Find out how we treat your type of cancer at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. Call (888) 492-HOPE.