Cancers We Treat

We attack esophageal cancer like nowhere else

We know that a diagnosis of esophageal cancer changes your life and affects your whole family. That’s why we provide a comprehensive cancer treatment program, including minimally invasive therapies to treat esophageal cancer. It's how we take care of you from initial diagnosis to recovery and beyond.

Our cancer experts at Goshen Center for Cancer Care offer a depth of experience and knowledge you'd expect to find at a world-renowned cancer center like ours.

Find hope and healing here

We want to change the way our patients live. That's why our innovative therapies stretch beyond the standard of care for esophageal cancer. It's also why we combine treatments in a particular sequence to improve chances of a better quality of life tomorrow. We attack esophageal cancer like no one else – and offer healing and hope close to home.

Pushing the limits

We always are looking for ways to help patients with cancer live longer, with fewer side effects and a better quality of life. That’s why our dedicated team of oncologists and research experts works every day to discover potential breakthrough therapies – medicines and treatments that may stop the growth of cancer or eliminate signs of the disease.

We can help

Whether you have just been diagnosed or you are looking for a second opinion, we can help. Our oncology specialists listen first – to you and your family – to understand your concerns and needs. Then we work together to build a treatment plan specifically for you. Rest assured that we include you in every decision, from how to begin treatment to the types of therapies that work best for your type of cancer to services that help heal you, not just treat your cancer.

Our oncology information specialists can answer questions and guide you through your next steps. They make sure you see the right oncology experts at the right time, based on your cancer.

Call (888) 492-HOPE to talk with our oncology information specialists.