Laparoscopic Esophageal Surgery

Pinpointing esophageal cancer with minimally invasive surgery

If you have cancer in your esophagus, you may have heard that you need radical surgery, which includes a long recovery period. We may have a different opinion at Goshen Center for Cancer Care.

Our surgical oncologists have extensive training and experience with minimally invasive surgical procedures that aren't available at other cancer centers in our region. With laparoscopic surgery, the surgical team can remove cancer with precision and accuracy through small incisions and better preserve healthy tissue. Patients recover more quickly from the surgery with less time in the hospital and fewer complications. 

Precision and accuracy with laparoscopic surgery

Tiny insertions through a laparoscope deliver big results for patients with cancer cells in the tissue of the esophagus. This procedure allows specially trained surgical oncologists to use small, keyhole incisions to remove cancerous sections of the esophagus and reshape a pathway for foods and fluids. The result – faster recovery with fewer complications and shorter hospital stays. 

Our cancer experts

Only at Goshen Center for Cancer Care can you find a level of expertise across cancer specialties that enables us to take on complex cases – cases no other cancer centers or hospitals in the region can treat. Here, we use aggressive approaches by surgical oncologists trained specifically in advanced procedures to save lives.

In addition, our patients benefit from our unique integrated environment. Surgical options are seamlessly blended with other advanced treatments, including medical and radiation therapies, naturopathic medicine and nutrition, as well as supportive services to offer the most complete care available. 

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