Cancer Treatment Option

Targeting chemotherapy to attack cancer

We use chemotherapy and other drugs to treat most types of cancer. These drugs destroy cancer cells by impeding their growth and reproduction. 

Our oncologists at Goshen Center for Cancer Care may recommend chemotherapy alone or in conjunction with radiation therapy or surgery, depending on your specific needs. Usually, you receive chemotherapy through infusions at our facility or by taking the drugs in a tablet, capsule or liquid form at home.

Chemotherapy can cause side effects that can be unpleasant, including nausea, vomiting, hair loss and mouth sores. To prevent or alleviate these side effects, we use new and effective approaches that make treatment as painless as possible. In addition, we continually revise chemotherapy protocols to reflect new and better treatments and identify appropriate clinical studies as treatment options.

Continuous delivery of drugs controls cancer growth 

For patients with primary or metastatic liver cancer, we may recommend intra-arterial hepatic chemotherapy. This therapy delivers continuous chemotherapy directly to the liver via the hepatic artery, the main artery to the organ. LEARN MORE

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