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When you get a cancer diagnosis, things can start to move pretty quickly. But before you make life-changing decisions, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, our highly-trained team of experts can provide a thorough evaluation of your diagnosis, which may help provide a clear path for your treatment and give you peace of mind.

Taking the time to get a second opinion is essential, so we make it simple and timely. All it takes to get started is one phone call to our Cancer Care Help Line. We can schedule a free consultation with one of our oncologists within days.

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Real people. Real second chances.
At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we have countless stories about people who came to us for a second opinion that ended up changing both their treatment plans and their lives. One of the most compelling of these is Alice’s story. (See video below.) She first sought treatment at a large facility with a very famous name. After two weeks there, she was told there was nothing they could do for her. Thankfully, she called Goshen Center for Cancer Care for a life changing second opinion. 

Why choose Goshen for your second opinion? 

Second opinions: Fact or fiction?
There are many common misconceptions and myths about getting a second opinion. Let us set the record straight.

1. My doctor will be upset if I ask for a second opinion.
Your doctor wants what is best for you. Plus, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to something as complex as cancer. However, if you are still uneasy about asking for a referral for a second opinion, you can call our Cancer Care Help Line directly.

2. Second opinions are only necessary if something is life threatening.
You can ask for a second opinion any time you have a diagnosis of an illness or condition. However, when it comes to cancer, even if you original diagnosis is very favorable for treatment, a second opinion may present other treatment options.

3. Second opinions rarely result in changes to a diagnosis.
A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic* shows that 88% of patients seeking a second opinion resulted in new or refined diagnosis. Only 12% of patients going to the Mayo Clinic received complete confirmation of the original diagnosis. This clearly demonstrates the importance of second opinions.

4. Getting a second opinion is difficult and time-consuming.
When you call or are referred to Goshen Center for Cancer Care for a second opinion, you can be seen by a physician in a matter of days. All it takes to get started is one phone call to our Cancer Care Help Line.

5. Getting a second opinion is expensive.
Most insurance companies will pay for second opinions in necessary procedures. What’s more, some insurance companies require second opinions for complicated procedures and diagnosis. A different treatment option may also be less costly. So it’s always better to check.

6. A second opinion always means more tests.
Many times a physician can look at the results of previous tests during a second opinion. For example, in the case of our patient Alice featured in the video on this page, her tests from the hospital where she was first seen were shared directly with Dr. Schwarz, who then had time to thoroughly go over them before seeing her.

*Published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Get peace of mind.
Cancer is a complex disease with many variables. Getting a second opinion can give you great peace of mind knowing that you are following the right treatment option for YOU. And that begins with an accurate and complete diagnosis.