Our Cancer Care Experts

When you hear a cancer diagnosis, you want to find the best cancer doctors to take care of you. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, our highly skilled oncologists and cancer care specialists offer life-saving therapies not available elsewhere in our region. 

Sachin Agarwal, MD
Medical Oncologist View bio

Daniel Bruetman, MD, MMM
Director of Medical Oncology, Medical Oncologist View bio

Leonard R. Henry, MD, MBA, FACS
Director of Surgical OncologyView bio

Richard B. Hostetter, MD, FACS
Surgical Oncologist View bio

Ebenezer A. Kio, MD
Medical Oncologist View bio

Emily Moore, ND, LAc, FABNO
Naturopathic Doctor View bio

Rebecca Snowden ND, LAc
Naturopathic Doctor

Laura L. Morris, MD, MBA, FACS
Breast Surgeon View bio

Roderich Schwarz, MD, Ph.D, FACS
Medical Director, Surgical Oncologist View bio

Alexander N. Starodub, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Research, Medical Oncologist View bio

Houman Vaghefi, MS, MD, PhD
Radiation Oncologist View bio

Urs Werner von Holzen, MD
Director, Thoracic Oncology and Minimally Invasive GI Specialist View bio

James A. Wheeler, MD, PhD
Director of Radiation Oncology View bio

Sherise Deardorff, PA-C, MPH
Physician Assistant View bio

Tina Searfoss Kocher, MSN, CNS, FNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner View bio

Brooke E. Martin, RN, MSN, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner View bio

Elizabeth “Betsy” Garber, MSN, FNP, NP-C
Nurse Practitioner View bio

Kristine “Kacy” Davis, MSN, FNP-BC, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner View bio

Kristen Roos, ND
Naturopathic Resident

Becky Overholt RDN, CSO, CD
Dietitian View bio

Tiffany Swartzentruber RDN, CD
Dietitian View bio

Rita Gingrich LCSW, OSW-C
PNI Counselor View bio

Karen Alkema LMHC
PNI Counselor View bio

Bethany Swope MSed
PNI Counselor

To find out how we treat cancer like nowhere else, talk with our cancer experts at the Center for Cancer Care, (888) 492-4673