Diabetes Education

Take control of your life

Living with diabetes every day can prove challenging. Eating well, staying active, taking medications, testing glucose – it all takes time, determination and perseverance. Add to your regimen the ongoing task of staying informed about changes in treatment methods, as well as how changes in your body can affect your condition, and you may become overwhelmed.

That's why we encourage you and your family to learn as much as possible about how to take care of yourself. Our classes, seminars and support groups teach you how to take care of yourself and manage your condition. We also help you understand your type of diabetes and how to control it for a lifetime.

We can help

You need a physician referral to participate in most Goshen Hospital Diabetes Education Programs.

  • Call your primary care provider and request a referral.
  • Or call (574) 364-2746 to talk with one of our diabetes educators. We can help you get the necessary referral from your healthcare provider.​

The diabetes education program at Goshen Hospital is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Medicare and most health plans consider diabetes self-management training a covered benefit.

  • Learn how to live with diabetes

    Talk with our diabetes educators. 
    (574) 364-2746