Diabetes Education

Coordinated care for a healthy life

Since there's no cure for diabetes, the best way to live a long, healthy life is to learn how to manage your condition. The more you know about your type of diabetes, the more you understand how to take care of yourself and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Diabetes Education program at Goshen Health can help you get the information you need, get a plan that works for you, and get strong to live a healthy life.

The right program for you

Whether you have just received a diagnosis, have lived with diabetes for years, would like a refresher course or have had a change in condition or medication, we can help. 

Who benefits from diabetes education

  • Recently received a diagnosis of Type 1, Type 2, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes or insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome
  • Live with diabetes, other than gestational diabetes
  • Never received self-management education
  • Change in medication or condition
  • Change in lifestyle, such as retirement, new job, different work hours

Learn how to live with your diabetes. Talk with our diabetes educators, (574)364-2746.

  • Learn how to live with diabetes

    Talk with our diabetes educators. 
    (574) 364-2746