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Current blog articles

  • Can you recognize the symptoms of a heart attack?


    Although heart attacks can be fatal, the good news is that immediate medical treatment saves the lives of many heart attack victims.

  • 8 heart health tips for women of all ages


    To protect your long-term health, women of all ages should follow these eight tips to keep their hearts healthy.

  • Natural ways to control your blood pressure


    Do you know what your blood pressure is? Or even what it should be? Since February is American Heart Month, it's a great time to learn more about your heart — including your blood pressure.

  • 8 tips for eating healthy at restaurants


    The good news is that it is possible to enjoy a healthy meal. In honor of American Heart Month, we're offering these eight tips for staying heart-healthy while dining out.

  • Always tired? You may have anemia


    If you often feel tired for no apparent reason, you may be suffering from anemia. Other symptoms of anemia include getting dizzy easily, pale or yellowish skin, an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, headache, chest pain and cold hands and feet.

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