How to achieve better work-life balance

How to achieve better work-life balance

Finding some balance between work and the rest of your life in this always-connected world can be tough—but it doesn't have to be that way. While many of us struggle to manage our responsibilities both at work and at home, there’s nothing like finding time to disconnect and focus on the things that really matter, like spending quality time with loved ones. Here are a few simple tips to help you achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

As difficult as it can be, one of the best ways to separate work and home is to unplug from your smartphone, tablet or laptop after you leave the office. Do you really need to read a work report on the treadmill or send emails during your kids’ school or sports activities? Do you need your phone next to your fork and knife at the family dinner table? For most of us, the answer to all these questions is “No.” Put your devices down—or better yet, turn them off altogether—and focus on the present moment. The digital break will help clear your mind, ease stress and allow you to more fully enjoy the time you spend with family and friends.

Getting into a regular exercise routine is an excellent way to improve both physical and mental health. Physical activity releases those feel-good endorphins in our brain and reduces risk factors for a range of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. Try taking a well-paced 30-minute walk every day or look into weekly group yoga or fitness classes.

If you’ve never tried meditation before, now’s the perfect time. The practice of meditation can help you clear your mind, reduce stress and find a few peaceful moments in your otherwise hectic day. Finding just five minutes a day to practice meditative breathing exercises will result in improved physical and mental well-being.

Whether you realize it or not, it's likely you have plenty of little time-wasting habits that can really add up at the end of the day. How often do you mindlessly surf the internet or play on your smartphone? Are you consumed with your social media channels, always feeling compelled to check in, update your status or post a new picture? When you're at the office, how much of your time is spent on activities that aren't work-related? Do you putter around the house when you could be doing something more productive or family-oriented?

Take charge of your time-wasting ways. Start by identifying your daily time-draining activities and replace them with more productive or rewarding endeavors. If you don't know where to start, give a productivity apps like LeechBlock or RescueTime a try.

Sometimes the simplest things yield the best results. Taking care of yourself, disconnecting from your hectic daily life and simply slowing down will do wonders for your mental health and your relationships with loved ones.

Posted: 4/30/2015 by Goshen Health
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