• Cancer Care

    Living with Cancer Support Groups


    Whether you are newly diagnosed, a survivor or a family member or friend of someone who has cancer, you are welcome to attend Goshen Center for Cancer Care’s Living with Cancer support groups for information on living with cancer and emotional support. 

  • Healthy Eating

    Healthier alternatives to your food cravings


    Crazy food cravings can come seemingly out of nowhere. But scientifically, they can have deep underlying causes. Cravings are different from hunger pangs in that you get hungry when your stomach needs more sustenance, whereas cravings come from your brain. While more scientific research needs to be done on the subject, some scientists think food cravings can spring from underlying emotional and nutritional needs.

  • Healthy Eating

    The health benefits of drinking tea


    Drinking tea — especially green tea — is often said to be good for your health. For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have regarded tea as a key to good health, but what are the real health benefits of drinking tea?

  • Healthy Eating

    Key Ingredient: Cauliflower


    White bread, white rice, white pasta — many healthy diets recommend limiting your consumption of these white foods (or avoiding them altogether), but there's one white food you don’t need to avoid: cauliflower.

  • Fitness and Exercise

    7 ways to stay active at the office


    Your body was made to move, so why is it so hard to take a break from sitting? Here are some great exercises you can do from the comfort of your desk.

  • Fitness and Exercise

    20 questions to ask your doctor before back surgery


    If you suffer from chronic back pain, back surgery may give you the relief you’ve been looking for. The decision to choose back surgery, however, is rarely an easy one. Here are some questions to ask your doctor. 

  • Heart and Vascular

    5 cardio exercises to increase your heart rate


    Integrating cardio into your healthy lifestyle has multiple health benefits, including increased endurance, better immune system function, fat loss, improved focus, a stronger heart and even a longer life. Try the following cardio exercises and aim to get in 30 minutes of cardio a day, five days a week.

  • Healthy Eating

    Key ingredient: Flaxseed


    Flaxseed is one kind of seed that can have big health benefits. It may help lower cholesterol levels, improve digestive health and relieve constipation. 

  • Cancer Care

    The four different types of skin cancer and how to prevent them


    It's easy to forget to slather on sunscreen and don your sun hat when the weather is gorgeous and fun spring activities beckon. But when you expose your skin to the sun’s rays without protecting it properly, you put yourself at risk for skin damage and even skin cancer. Here are the four main types of skin cancer to be aware of. 

  • Wellness Awareness

    What you need to know about the Zika virus


    The World Health Organization has recently declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency. What is this virus, and who is at risk? 

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