• Heart and Vascular

    New heart pump saves patient’s life


    On the morning of Jan. 19 Jackie Pressler, administrative assistant at Lippert Components, was at work. She was having a very rapid heartbeat – or spells, as she thought of them – which she had managed in the past by clenching up her muscles. But that morning, her technique wasn’t working. Finally after several hours, her supervisor called Pressler’s husband, Ronald, to take her to the hospital.

  • Wellness Awareness

    Wellness begins with knowing your health numbers


    Blood pressure, heart rate and body mass measurements are more than numbers on a screen. They tell an important story about a person’s overall health and well-being. The numbers also give warning signs of potential health risks.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Put the spring back into your step this April


    “For the diabetic patient especially, spring is such an important time of year,” says Robyn Radford, Director of Goshen Wound Center. “The weather is getting nice, people are putting away the boots and pulling out the sandals, or even going barefoot. For a diabetic patient, wearing sandals or going barefoot can have terrible consequences. These patients don’t have good sensation in their feet and might not even know they have been injured. Without knowing there is an injury to address, a diabetic wound can quickly go from minor to limb threatening in just a matter of days.”

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