Why sleep and exercise are crucial for kids' health

Why sleep and exercise are crucial for kids' health

It’s back to school time! There are a lot of fun parts of going back to school: back to friends, back to learning and, for some parents, back to having a little free time! But it also means heading back to germ-filled classrooms, coming into close contact with other kiddos and spending long nights doing homework. That's why parents need to keep their kids in tip-top health.

There are two main ways you can help your young ones stay healthy: keep them physically active, and make sure they get enough sleep.

First, it’s important to understand that healthy habits form early in life, and inactive children tend to become inactive adults. Helping your children incorporate physical activity into their daily lives early on will benefit them now and for years to come. It will increase their life expectancy, decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease and promote overall physical, psychological and social benefits.

How to keep kids active:

  • Limit screen time
  • Enroll kids in after-school activities
  • Encourage kids to join a sports team
  • Be a good role model and encourage family activities

When it comes to your kids, resting is just as important as being active. Our brains recover from the day while we sleep and log away the information we learned that day. Since kids learn at such a rapid pace, they need more sleep than adults, and it’s key that they get it. Sleep directly impacts their mental and physical development, and for school-aged kids, nine to 11 hours need to be spent in bed.

How to help your child get the quality sleep they need:

  • Talk to your child about the importance of sleep
  • Implement a consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine
  • Set the stage: Keep your child’s bedroom dark, cool and quiet
  • Avoid screens around bedtime
  • Don’t allow caffeine, especially around bed time

How to you plan to encourage your kids to get the healthy activity and sleep they need this school year?

Posted: 8/31/2015 by Goshen Health

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