Collaborative Care: A conversation with Emily Moore, Naturopathic Doctor

Collaborative Care: A conversation with Emily Moore, Naturopathic Doctor

Since she was 13 years old, Emily Moore has known that her life’s purpose is to help people with cancer. 

It was at that young age when a close friend of Emily’s passed away from leukemia.

“Cancer took on this really dark meaning,” she said. “You don’t quite understand what it is, but when you have that experience, it’s really traumatic.”

In college, Emily first studied botany in hopes of traveling the world searching for cures for the disease, though it wasn’t long before she learned that her real passion was directly interacting with cancer patients. In her pursuit of a more hands-on career, she stumbled across the study of naturopathic medicine. Immediately, she knew she found the right fit. 

“I fell in love,” says Dr. Emily Moore. “With the curriculum, the courses –– I knew it was what I wanted to do.” She is now a Naturopathic Doctor in oncology at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Moore aims to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, support the immune system and identify, as well as remove, obstacles that hinder recovery.


After completing her studies in Seattle, Dr. Moore was assigned a residency at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. Like many, she was at first surprised to learn that a health system located in a small town in northern Indiana offered naturopathic medicine residencies in oncology –– or, that naturopathic medicine was integrated into care plans at all. 

Soon after she began, Dr. Moore realized that Goshen Center for Cancer Care’s unique focus on holistic, collaborative care made it an ideal place to settle into a practice.

“The integrative care program here is pretty special,” says Dr. Moore. “I don’t know of any other place that does what we do to this extent. It’s one of the most amazing parts about this place.”

Today, she’s rounding out her thirteenth year as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist on the Goshen Center for Cancer Care team.


On a typical day, Dr. Moore regularly communicates with surgical oncologists, dietitians, mind-body counselors, radiologists and other members of a patient's care team –– sometimes even meeting together with patients. Her relationships with fellow oncology team members has strengthened her belief that both conventional and holistic therapies are vital to provide the best possible care.

“I love using the best of both worlds; they both bring value to the table,” says Dr. Moore. “That always drew me in.”

Looking back to when her childhood friend was lost to leukemia, Dr. Moore’s most visceral memory is the emotional impact it left on her. That’s why, when treating patients today, Dr. Moore knows that there’s no replacement for truly compassionate care.

“For someone whose whole life becomes medical in an instant –– it’s measured by scans and procedures and medications –– to step back and have people who are looking at them as a person, I think is pretty awesome,” says Dr. Moore. “I am not aware of many cancer centers who offer this level of support.” 

Learn more about the life-changing care offered at Goshen Center for Cancer Care by visiting our website or call (888) 492-HOPE to learn how we treat cancer and take care of you.

Posted: 8/07/2018 by Goshen Health
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