6 summer activities to get your heart pumping

6 summer activities to get your heart pumping

It's summertime—the best time of year to break out of your shell, get outside and discover the world around you. While it might be tempting to spend your free time curled up with a book or the TV this summer, remember that there are a lot of ways to have a good time while staying fit. Here are six fun physical activities that will get your heart pumping.

  1. Hit the trail. Goshen has 23 miles of pedestrian and bike paths and trails, giving you plenty of options when it comes to hikes and bike rides. Start with the Maple City Greenway, a network of trails that takes you through residential and downtown Goshen with plenty of fun stops along the way, including parks, rivers and Goshen Library.
  2. Play sports. Sports aren't just an exercise option for pro athletes, high schoolers and college students. Whether you're hitting the back nine, the mini golf course, the tennis court or the pool, playing sports is a great way to have fun while getting fit. Plug into your local community center or church to find teams and programs you can join.
  3. Take a bike tour of your city. Grab the kids and see your city from a new perspective. You're bound to learn something interesting about where you live, and your heart will thank you for the vigorous workout.
  4. Go camping. Explore the great outdoors with your kids! Whether you go camping in a national park or in your backyard, this is a great opportunity to teach your children basic skills like gathering wood for a campfire and setting up a tent.
  5. Log some pool time. Not all time at the pool needs to be spent lounging! Pool play is a great activity for all ages, since it's easy on your joints and makes it hard to overheat. Set up a net and start a game of volleyball! If you want a solo activity, grab some goggles and practice your backstroke while swimming laps. Just make sure you hydrate well and never swim alone.
  6. Garden your heart out. Planting a garden can be one of the most rewarding hobbies to take up, and it's even possible if you don't have a backyard! Decide what kind of garden you want (vegetable, flower, box, etc.) and then visit your local nursery to see what plants are appropriate for your space.

These are some great ideas to get you started, but don't let lack of planning hold you back. Just do your best to get outside and see where your feet—and your heart—take you!

Posted: 6/04/2015 by Goshen Health
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