• Heart and Vascular

    Having Goals And Knowing Someone Cares


    A dislocated shoulder caused Mabel Wortinger to see her primary care physician, Dr. Andrew Kuhn. While she was there, he suspected she had previously had a mild heart attack and referred her to Goshen Heart & Vascular Center. That’s where Mabel met Tracy Carlstrom, RN.

  • The Goshen Community

    Wondering If You’re Seeing Double?


    If you have seen a few Colleagues who look alike, you may have encountered one of our identical triplets – Nadia Taylor, Natasha Weimer or Natalie Weimer. Their older sister Shawna Keene, RN on 4E, was the first of the family to work at Goshen Health.

  • Fitness and Exercise

    Moving Forward


    Nagging hip pain made Carolyn O’Keefe think she had pulled a muscle. Nothing she did seemed to help. When the pain increased, she went to her primary care physician, Brian King, MD, who tried cortisone medications and an injection. That didn’t help either.

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