Natural remedies for relieving asthma symptoms

Natural remedies for relieving asthma symptoms

Having asthma can be limiting both physically and emotionally. The health of an asthmatic is directly affected by their environment, so taking necessary precautions, like staying indoors, can feel restrictive. What’s more, asthma can require stressful, complicated management routines. However, it is possible to reduce the stress associated with having asthma.

One option to consider is natural asthma remedies. More research is needed to determine the effectiveness and safety of most natural remedies. However, some claim these treatments have the potential to reduce asthma symptoms. 

Natural asthma remedies

Consult your healthcare provider before starting any of these remedies to make sure they won't conflict with your current treatments. These remedies are not a replacement for medical treatment. You should not stop taking your prescribed medication, even if your asthma seems to be improving.

Yoga. Yoga can effectively relieve stress, which is a common asthma trigger.

Acupuncture. Some people with asthma have experienced a reduction in asthma attacks and improved breathing thanks to acupuncture, but studies on the practice improving asthma are inconclusive.

Breathing exercises. These exercises are another helpful stress-management tool.

Diet. If you have a food allergy, avoid specific foods that could cause an allergy attack and aggravate your asthma symptoms. 

You can also take control of your environment by limiting your exposure to asthma triggers by doing things like using your air conditioner (it reduces airborne pollen, lowers indoor humidity and reduces exposure to dust mites), reducing the amount of dust in your home and cleaning your home regularly. Maintaining a healthy diet can keep your asthma symptoms at bay, and exercising regularly can strengthen your heart and lungs, thereby relieving asthma symptoms.

Reach out to a primary care provider at Goshen Health to learn more about natural asthma remedies and whether they’re right for you. 


Posted: 5/20/2016 by Goshen Health
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