Collaborative Care: A conversation with Dr. Daniel Bruetman

Collaborative Care: A conversation with Dr. Daniel Bruetman

In our new blog series, “Collaborative Care,” our Colleagues share about the advantages of our teamwork. This approach to cancer treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care has allowed us to witness transformative benefits in our patients’ lives.


“Every day, we get to play a small part in stories of courage and caring. We are moved by the strength, perseverance and commitment displayed by our patients and their loved ones. We learn from their fortitude.”

Dr. Daniel Bruetman, one of Goshen Health’s fellowship-trained oncologists and the Director of Medical Oncology since 2001, sees patients through every phase of treatment. In all his years, he’s learned that what’s needed most is courage. “It is the spirit that enables people to face difficulty with determination,” he explains. “Courage is also a powerful source of energy and healing.”

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, our role is to surround people with the resources they need to have courage through each phase of a diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, we build a support team around every patient. That includes medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, naturopathic doctors, dietitians and emotional and spiritual counselors. To develop an optimal treatment plan, the team regularly communicates, coordinates and collaborates on individual care.

According to Dr. Bruetman, most cancer care institutions reserve this type of approach for extreme cases. But at Goshen, every person’s health merits this level of care. Which is why, every week, he meets with this team of specialists to review his patient’s treatment plans and discuss which supportive services may be beneficial to their situation. Outside of those meetings, they stay in constant communication, reviewing recommendations and evaluating patient’s needs. “We don’t pick and choose. Even the most straightforward cases are discussed as a team. Collaboration is such an essential practice that it’s considered part of our DNA.”


This integrative approach offers immediate benefits to patients, starting with quicker access to services. Nearly every Goshen Center for Cancer Care provider is located under the same roof. So, when an individual’s need is identified, a follow-up appointment is often scheduled that very same day.

“We have a low tolerance for delays,” said Dr. Bruetman. “We make every attempt for patients to be seen by more than one provider in the same visit so they don’t have to have to make multiple trips...What could happen over weeks somewhere else, we do in a day.”

What’s more, Dr. Bruetman is passionate about providing collaborative care and healing for patients’ physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

“We function at a higher level of service for our patients at Goshen,” said Dr. Bruetman. “We go way beyond the requirements.”

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we believe that this above-and-beyond approach helps patients with cancer live longer with fewer side effects and a better quality of life: all reasons to take courage.

Learn more about the life-changing care offered at Goshen Center for Cancer Care by visiting our website or call (888) 492-HOPE to learn how we treat cancer and take care of you.

Posted: 5/01/2018 by Goshen Health
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