Collaborative Care: A conversation with Dr. Houman Vaghefi

Collaborative Care: A conversation with Dr. Houman Vaghefi

In our new blog series, “Collaborative Care,” our Colleagues share about the advantages of our teamwork. This approach to cancer treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care has allowed us to witness transformative benefits in our patients’ lives.


“You can have the most advanced treatment in the world, but if you don’t connect with the patient and their family, that’s a missed opportunity to deliver the full scope of care,” says Dr. Houman Vaghefi, Director of Radiation Oncology. 

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we value both advanced treatment options and collaborative care. 

“This approach helps us consider all life’s factors to determine what's really best for the patient,” says Dr. Vaghefi. 

Dr. Vaghefi has learned that treating the whole patient includes supporting the patient’s family, too. “One thing that we don’t really talk about a lot is the importance of getting the patient’s family members on board. Most of the time, they are the ones helping our patients get through their course of treatment at home.” 

This kind of care requires collaboration, in the most inclusive sense of the word –– between providers, their patients and the people that mean the most to them.


Much like a family unit, at Goshen Center for Cancer Care we build a support system around each patient. On a daily basis, Dr. Vaghefi interacts with medical oncologists, surgeons, dietitians, naturopathic providers and counselors. They work together to develop the most medically advanced treatment plan for each patient, and discuss how to best support the patient’s family.

To Dr. Vaghefi, this means educating family members about how to best offer care at home. “Many of my radiation patients want to get up and stay active. But it’s really important that their family encourages them to take some time off, rest or go to sleep earlier so that they don’t get exhausted during the course of treatment.” 


That patient – and family – centered approach to care is what attracted Dr. Vaghefi to Goshen Health in the first place. It’s unlike other healthcare centers he’s experienced – and when it comes to cancer treatment, he’s personally seen it have direct and positive results.

“If you put the patient at the center, we all have to collaborate to make sure the best care is given,” he says. “I feel lucky and privileged that I came here. Every year, we build on this approach and make it better and better. That’s what makes our center a great place.”

Learn more about the life-changing care offered at Goshen Center for Cancer Care by visiting our website or call (888) 492-HOPE to learn how we treat cancer and take care of you.

Posted: 5/25/2018 by Goshen Health
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