Car seat safety

Car seat safety

Educate Yourself
As car seat technology advances and safety guidelines evolve, it's important to educate oneself on the most current information. Follow the latest car seat recommendations for children, as outlined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Choose a safety seat that appropriately fits your child's age and size, as well as your vehicle.
    • Until 1 year of age, children should always ride in rear-facing safety seats.
    • Children should remain in rear-facing car seats as long as possible. From ages 1 to 3, they should continue riding in a rear-facing seat until they outgrow the height or weight limits outlined by the seat manufacturer.
    • Around age 4, children are ready to upgrade to a forward-facing seat with a harness and should continue to use this seat until it is outgrown, typically around age 7.
    • From ages 8-12, children should ride in a booster seat until they've grown to wear a seat belt properly. A seat belt fits correctly only when the lap belt lies across the upper thighs (not the stomach) and the shoulder belt lies across the shoulder and chest (not the neck or face).
  • Properly install and use the car seat according to both the vehicle's and the seat's manufacturer instructions.
  • Children should always ride in the back seat, where it is safer, until at least age 12.

Get a Professional's Opinion
Besides following the car seat recommendations listed above, parents should also get their car seats inspected by trained professionals, as well. Below are several Goshen-area locations that conduct car seat inspections, according to

Goshen Police Department
111 E. Jefferson St
Goshen, IN 46528
Call to schedule an appointment.
(574) 533-8661
Contact: Bryan Knowles

Elkhart Police Department
175 Waterfall Dr.
Elkhart, IN 46516
Call to schedule an appointment.
(574) 295-7070
Contact: Scott Garvey; Laura Koch

Elkhart County Health Department
608 Oakland Ave
Elkhart, IN 46516
(574) 523-2116
Contact: Menessah Nelson; Lisa Kane
Spanish speaking.

Elkhart County Sheriffs Department
26861 Co Rd 26
Elkhart, IN 46517
Call to schedule an appointment.
(574) 891-2369
Contact: Brooke Demeke


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