Cut back on negative effects of sitting with these helpful habits

Cut back on negative effects of sitting with these helpful habits

Techniques to get you out of your seat
For those who spend a significant amount of time most days working at a desk, driving in a car or watching television, however, there are many ways to counter the effects of sitting.

Take scheduled breaks during long periods of sitting.
Take these breaks at regular intervals – once every hour or more frequently, if possible. Get up and walk around, climb stairs in your building or do some jumping jacks to add some movement to your day. Shake out stiffness by stretching. If you've been working at a computer, massage your hands and give your eyes some screen-free time.

Go for a walk at lunch.
Venture out on a 30-minute trek, or take a spin around the block.

Even little movements beat sitting completely still. Engage in fidgeting, such as tapping your toes, to expend a bit extra energy.

Use a standing workstation.
If you work in an office that offers standing desks, make use of yours regularly.

Embrace active hobbies during leisure time.
For many, relaxing on the couch and watching TV at the end of the day is an enticing way to wind down. You can give your body a break from sitting, however, by opting for more active pastimes: walking, bowling, cooking, jogging, practicing yoga, hiking, visiting museums, gardening, bicycling and playing musical instruments are all good options. If you're really intent on catching up on your favorite shows, turn TV time into active time – you can easily do jumping jacks, lunges, bicep curls, stretches and other exercises while watching television.

Posted: 11/25/2014 by Global Administrator
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