Our healthy holiday gift guide

Our healthy holiday gift guide

The holiday season is approaching fast, and choosing the right gift for everyone on your list can be a challenge. But when you make your purchases with your loved ones' health in mind, your gifts will always come off as thoughtful and useful. Plus, gifting fitness and exercise gear will motivate your friends and family to make 2016 their healthiest year yet!

Here's our healthy gift guide for the 2015 holidays:

Running shoes 

Kick off the New Year with some new kicks. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or the avid runner in your life, a nice new pair of running shoes are great motivation to get moving.

Fitness tracker

Get the numbers on your fitness regime with a fitness tracker. You can go basic with a tracker that records movement, or get fancy with a feature-packed version that includes everything from a heart rate tracker to a digital watch.

Exercise gear

Good fitness duds don’t just help you look the part—they protect you from the elements and help your body reach its full potential. Plus, they’re durable and fashionable for when you’re not hitting the gym.  

Health-conscious snacks

Everyone needs a good refueling snack after a vigorous workout. Create a thoughtful holiday snack for a friend by putting various types of nuts and dried fruits in a holiday tin.

Water bottle

A go-to water bottle is a crucial workout companion, and you can find a good one at almost any drugstore, making it the perfect last-minute gift.

iTunes gift cards

A fresh workout playlist is great motivation to hit the gym. While you’re at it, grab a pair of headphones. They’re the perfect addition to this rockin’ gift.

A foam roller

Whether you’re gifting for a yogi or a Crossfit fanatic, foam rollers are a great little gift that can help massage their muscles after any workout.

Custom jewelry

If the person you’re buying for has a big fitness goal or event coming up, custom jewelry can be the perfect thoughtful gift. Whether it displays their personal mantra or denotes the distance they’ll run, it’ll keep them motivated toward their fitness objective.

Mini speakers

Your friend or loved one will think of you every time they pull out their portable speakers, and it’ll make it easier for them to work out—and jam out—wherever they are.

Wii Fit Balance Board

Give the gift of a fun workout! The Wii Fit delivers customized workouts anyone can do right in their home.

Chia vegetable garden

A chia vegetable garden is the gift that keeps on giving! It's perfect for the health-conscious person in your life who's looking to spend more time in the kitchen. 

Check out our Nutrition and Weight Loss program to learn more about healthy approaches to living and eating.

Posted: 11/30/2015 by Goshen Health
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