Quick ways to sneak a workout into your day

Quick ways to sneak a workout into your day

Exercise opportunities are all around you—but do you take advantage of them? Every time you go to work, go shopping, perform household chores or turn on the TV, you have the chance to improve your fitness without altering your schedule. By sneaking a bunch of small “workouts” into your day, you’ll make a big difference in your health and happiness.

Here are eight ways you can seize everyday exercise opportunities that are hidden in plain sight. 

Take the stairs. The convenience of elevators and escalators can be so tempting, but if you make it a habit, stair-climbing can become an integral part of your approach to overall health. By the way, running late isn’t an excuse. If you have to take the elevator, do some calf raises while you wait.

Stay standing. If you work a desk job, try to find ways to get on your feet periodically. Walk around while using the phone, track down colleagues to have face-to-face conversations, and, if you can, get a standing desk.

Hit the mall. If you need to run errands at a mall or shopping center, park on the opposite side of the mall from your destination and get some extra steps in. Bonus points if you complete your walk back with arms full of bags.

Do the dishes. Super-charge chore time with some simple strength-building moves. Start with standing calf-raises—20-40 reps, or until you feel too tired to continue. Then move on to wide plié squats. With legs planted wide and toes pointed out, lower your hips while bending your knees and come back up. Complete this pulsing motion 20 times.

Load up the laundry. And when you’re done, strengthen your arms, chest and back with a few standing pushups. Stand back from your washing machine and put your hands on it, shoulder-width apart. Complete 20 standing pushups in this position and feel the burn! 

Watch TV. While your mind is winding down after a long day, you can give your body a tune-up. Whether you want to head to the gym, put a television in your workout room or a treadmill in your living room, walking or running and watching TV is a great way to fit in a workout during your wind-down time.

Take the worst parking spot in the lot. What’s a couple of extra steps in the long run? Quite a bit, actually, if you add it all up. Walking to and from a far-off parking space gets your blood pumping and only takes a minute or two.

Work out while you wait. You’d be shocked how much idle time is packed into your day. Brushing your teeth? Get some calf raises in. Getting your oil changed? Take a walk around the block. You'll burn off some energy and watch the minutes fly by. 

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, check out Goshen Health’s fitness offerings. With the variety of classes available, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs and schedule.


Posted: 10/02/2015 by Goshen Health
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