The benefits of physical therapy

The benefits of physical therapy

October is National Physical Therapy month, and we’re taking this opportunity to discuss ways physical therapists and assistants help their patients keep moving. Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who are movement experts, who treat patients dealing with pain, injury and/or immobility. Their overall aim is to decrease pain, increase mobility, restore function and improve quality of life. This is often accomplished with education, exercise and skilled interventions.

What’s more, physical therapy has the potential to reduce the need for surgery and prescription drugs, and it helps the patient take an active role in the healing process. While some physical therapists treat a variety of physical disabilities, others specialize in areas such as orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics or geriatrics and neurology among many.

Here are some of the specific ways physical therapy improves patients' lives.

Improved Mobility

Moving without pain is something most people take for granted. However, for those who feel pain with each step or movement, quality of life is low. Physical therapy helps reduce—and potentially eliminate—that pain with strategic exercise programs developed for each patient’s need.

Physical therapy promotes the movement necessary to prevent obesity, which is responsible for at least 18 percent of US adult deaths. Physical therapists help put their patients on the path toward physical independence by assisting them with mobility challenges and developing progressive exercise programs specifically designed to build independence which can reduce the risk of heart attack and strokediabeteship fracture and knee arthritis. Plus, movement helps a person maintain a healthy balance system, which can keep him or her from falling. You’re never too old to get stronger.

Avoid Surgery and Prescriptions

Surgery and prescription drugs can be life-saving tools for many patients. However, they often come at a significant physical and monetary cost. It’s been proven that physical therapy can prove just as effective—and often less expensive—than surgery and drugs. Some common conditions that can be improved with physical therapy include lower back painmeniscal tears and  knee osteoarthritisrotator cuff tearsspinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease.

Patient Participation

Patients who participate in physical therapy often feel empowered by taking the role of an active, accountable participant in their recovery. Patients who are active participants in the therapy care plan have the best chance of improvement as a result. Physical therapists teach patients how to take responsibility for their improvement instead of passively relying on medications or surgery. They also often form a gratifying bond with their physical therapist as they improve.

At Goshen Health Rehabilitation Services, you will work with a team of Physical Therapists and Assistants to assist you with your rehabilitative needs.

Visit Goshen Health’s Rehabilitation Services  to learn more about physical therapy, or to set up an appointment with a Physical Therapist at one of our clinics closest to your home.

Posted: 10/19/2015 by Goshen Health
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