Get healthier in the new year

Get healthier in the new year

With the brand-new year comes the perfect opportunity, inspiration and motivation for a fresh start. If that fresh start involves making healthy choices that will make you happier and fitter all year long, consider the following tips for keeping on track:

Use the resources around you.
When launching the positive new changes in your life, you may need motivation and guidance. Goshen Health Goshen Hospital offers a variety of resources to help you on your journey. Fitness classes such as International Cardio Dance Party, Progressive Pilates and Women on Weights can get you moving. In addition, nutrition and weight loss classes can supply you with the knowledge you need to make positive choices and lose weight, the smart way. Contact us for more information on the resources we provide.

Prepare to let go.
Throughout your transition to a healthier lifestyle, you'll be bidding farewell to many things. Prepare yourself to say goodbye to destructive self-doubt, to negative thoughts and to bad habits that are detrimental to your health.

Make real change you can stick to.
After you've begun living a healthier lifestyle, you'll only continue to see results if you stick with it. This, however, can often be the hardest part. For additional support, consider the PositiveLite Medically Managed Weight Loss program. The program, for those looking to lose 25 pounds or more, offers a customizable framework and a system for helping you achieve long-term results. For more information, click here.

Best wishes from Goshen Health Goshen Hospital for great progress on your fresh start for 2015!


Posted: 9/02/2014 by Global Administrator
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