How to pronounce healthy food options

How to pronounce healthy food options

Proper Pronunciation - broo-sket-ah

An export from Italy consisting of grilled bread, usually topped with garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Proper Pronunciation - keen-wah

A gluten-free, high protein grain, this superfood is comes in many varieties and is enjoying some time in the health food spotlight.

Açai Berry
Proper Pronunciation - ah-sigh-ee

Is a fruit that is harvested from the açai palm. A popular fruit juice, the açai berry is also a favorite in smoothies.

Haricot Vert
Proper Pronunciation - ah-ree-koh vehr

Upscale restaurants love to use this French term, but in actuality what they mean are thing, green string beens. 

Proper Pronunciation - nyo-kee
Another export from Italy, gnocchi is a soft, thick pasta usually made out of potatoes or flour.

Proper Pronunciation - e-spress-oh
Sure to put a pep in your step and a popular way to end your meal, just remember to keep the "X" out of espresso.

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