Make fitness a family affair this school year

Make fitness a family affair this school year

Physical fitness is important to the health of every member of the family. Regular and consistent exercise has been proven to help maintain healthy weight, improve heart health, lower risk for many diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure, and reduce stress.

While your kids may be joining some organized sports and activities this fall, getting some exercise together as a family can be especially gratifying. Not only do group fitness activities provide tangible health benefits for the entire family, but they mean more quality family time, too.

If getting the whole family to agree to exercise together seems like an insurmountable task, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Walking or biking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes each day is an easy way to ease your family into the swing of things. Get the family pet involved and walk Fido as a group. Games like tag can easily be played around the yard. If you have a pool, swim together often while the weather still allows.

Take advantage of local parks, trails and courts. Designate one day a week for an adventure activity. Go for a hike together, cycle an off-road biking trail or get out on the tennis, volleyball or basketball court and play a match—or simply hit, throw, shoot and spike a ball or two. You might even want to organize your own family league, complete with trophies for participation.

Mark special occasions and milestones with a group fitness activity. Make birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions even more memorable by doing something active and fun together as a family. Choose a special destination for some scenic hiking, or take that long-awaited family camping trip.

If the kids are old enough, participating in group fitness classes as a family is an excellent way to get fit together. Or sign up for a local fun run, color run or charity fundraising race. You can train as a family, accomplish a group goal and even contribute to a favorite charity or cause.

No matter which activities you choose, the point is to get up, get out and get moving as a group this school year.

Posted: 9/02/2015 by Goshen Health
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