How getting regular physical exams can impact your health

How getting regular physical exams can impact your health

Eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly are key to maintaining lifelong health, but so is visiting your healthcare provider for an annual physical exam.

Checking in for a routine physical every year is a great opportunity for you and your provider to assess your health risk factors and keep your health on track. Your provider can help you develop and maintain healthy behaviors, which work to prevent illness and disease and identify early or potential signs of illness or disease. 

While you provider may give you specific personalized recommendations on the frequency of preventative exams, there are certain age-related guidelines to keep in mind. Check with your provider to see if there are any special screenings you should receive based on your age, physical condition or family history.

While each provider may conduct physicals differently, it's always a good idea to maintain a working knowledge of your own medical history. This may cover everything from lifestyle behaviors (smoking, sexual health, etc.) to your vaccination status and/or family medical history. A preventative exam is also your chance to get ask questions or voice concerns about your health. You should also bring a list of your current medications to your exam. 

If you're due for a physical, schedule one with a Goshen Health Physicians primary care provider today. Our network of primary care providers is dedicated to improving the health of the Goshen community through better information gathering and sharing, a strong commitment to improving preventative care and the control of chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. 


Posted: 9/23/2016 by Goshen Health
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