Clinical nursing research

Nurses are the backbone of Goshen Hospital's high quality patient care and clinical nursing research. We believe all nurses, from administrators to nurses at patients’ bedsides, contribute to the development of nursing-relevant knowledge. Research increases knowledge to the nursing profession and enables the development of best practices based on scientific evidence.

Patient care is just the beginning of the nursing experience. Our nursing team participates and pursues numerous research-based activities to further careers and increase the quality of nursing within our hospital and beyond. 

Evidence-based care

We established the Nursing Research Committee to support the generation and upkeep of this knowledge base. The mission of the committee is to promote, integrate and maintain nursing research-related activities that are essential to the provision of high quality, evidence-based patient care that is founded upon our strong commitments to research, education, practice, innovation and collaboration.

Nursing research vision

Our vision is to be a national leader in the provision of progressive, evidence-based, technologically advanced healthcare services to promote quality patient care that is guided by research. Our research efforts build upon the Goshen Health mission of providing innovative, outstanding care and services, through exceptional people doing exceptional work.

Evidence-based nursing practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) provides our patients and families with the most current nursing interventions. The goal of EBP in nursing is to promote improved interventions, care and patient outcomes. Many of our best practices originate with a single nurse, collaboration with Colleagues and dedication to see a concept through. Our registered nurses stay informed about, participate in and lead research projects as a continuous part of their professional development.

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