Specialty Physician Services

Specialists provide advanced care

Sometimes your healthcare needs reach beyond the scope of a primary care provider. That's when it’s nice to know that our Goshen Physicians specialists are ready to help when you need them. And you don't have to leave the area. We're all right here in your community.

Each specialty group provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art care in a convenient setting. These practices offer multidisciplinary services for the diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of your condition. At each practice, you receive professional and courteous attention in a timely fashion. Plus, we have access to services and resources offered through Goshen Hospital.

Our specialty practices

Goshen Center for Cancer Care
(866) 496-4673
In Warsaw, (866) 270-2320

Goshen Physicians Gastroenterology
(574) 537-1625

Goshen Heart & Vascular Center
(574) 533-7476

Goshen Physicians Multispecialty Clinic
(574) 533-1120

Goshen Physicians Neurology
(574) 533-7476

Goshen Physicians OB/GYN
(574) 533-0560

Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
(574) 534-2548

Goshen Physicians Pain Management
(574) 537-0423

Goshen Physicians Pediatrics
(574) 533-5808

Goshen Physicians Urology
(574) 537-0861

Goshen Retreat Women's Health Center
(574) 364-4000 or (877) 966-2671

Goshen Sleep Disorders Center
(574) 534-9911

Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction
(574) 537-8326

Goshen Wound Center
(574) 364-4560

Need a doctor?

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