Breast biopsies

A breast biopsy can cause understandable concern. However, 80 percent of breast biopsies do not result in breast cancer. We offer several biopsy options, all of which are simple outpatient procedures. When you choose Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center, we talk about each option to determine the right one for you. We know that waiting for the results can be highly stressful, so we ensure a quick turnaround time for your report.

Types of biopsies

Stereotactic core biopsy – This mammogram-guided biopsy is a less-invasive alternative to surgical biopsy. A small cut is made in the skin where the biopsy needle is inserted. The radiologist inserts the needle and, using images from the mammogram, directs the needle to the location of the abnormality. Once the needle tip is within the lesion, tissue samples are removed.

We use a Fischer® Prone Biopsy Table so that our physician can perform a stereotactic core biopsy with the patient more comfortable lying face down rather than sitting, standing or lying on her side.

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy – Our physician uses a very thin needle and gentle suction to obtain breast tissue samples. Unlike a conventional biopsy, which is more invasive, painful and costly, this procedure usually doesn’t require anesthesia and is no more uncomfortable than having blood drawn for lab tests.

Ultrasound-guided biopsy – During this type of biopsy, a transducer is pressed to the breast so that the radiologist can locate the lesion. A small cut is made in the skin where the biopsy needle is inserted. The radiologist constantly monitors the lesion site with the ultrasound probe, while inserting the needle and advancing it into the mass for tissue removal.

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