Comprehensive, complete, caring health system

Imagine a health system where no idea is too far reaching and no standard too high. A place where everyone works as a team, yet the insights and voice of the individual are always heard. Where Colleagues have the most advanced technology, as well as the continuing education necessary to use and improve upon it. Like ripples on a pond, the effects of what we do here stretch further than imagined.

Perhaps it’s difficult to imagine a place where this level of excellence is the standard. Yet we are proof that it truly does exist. We are a culmination of the dreams and aspirations of every nurse, doctor, surgeon and staff member who chose their profession because they wanted to make a profound difference in the lives of others. 

Teamwork is the key

Our unique point-of-view thrives upon a core principle: when we come together, free of ego and with open minds, nothing is impossible. Here, teamwork is an everyday reality, not an ideal. It guides our thoughts and actions, leaving each person with the profound understanding that he or she is essential. For our Colleagues, teamwork is the vehicle rough which we make change, improve lives and fulfill potential. Anything is possible, and it drives us to defy anyone who says otherwise. 

We have learned that the strengths of each Colleague makes all of us stronger. This dynamic environment of cooperation and compassion has not gone unnoticed. We are considered one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana. We rank nationally in the top one percent for Colleague Satisfaction, according to HR Solutions. Plus, we continue to be the only hospital in the region to receive Magnet™ Status for nursing. 

Living on the leading-edge

Excellence is drawn to excellence. So it is no coincidence that many of the world’s leading doctors, nurses, surgeons and specialists have chosen to come here. Perhaps it’s because we challenge convention or eliminate those roadblocks that hinder progress. Whatever the reason, our commitment to excellence expands our notion of what is possible and allows us to achieve the unthinkable. 

In a time of constant technological advancement, and when the very nature of healthcare is changing, we find ourselves compelled to be on the forefront of that change. Our Colleagues are among the first to use and improve upon some of the most advanced technology, and are pioneers of innovative healthcare delivery processes. We place our confidence in their abilities, knowing that, with these resources, they will shape the landscape for generations to come. 

Where opportunity knocks – often

Our Colleagues have learned that becoming a part of this team is only the beginning of the journey. So many of the opportunities here are designed to aid our team members in finding their passion, improving their skills and building their careers. We foster an atmosphere of continuous growth, providing concrete ways for every Colleague to move forward and live out their personal missions. 

We maintain a belief that the Colleagues who tap into their passion are the ones who deliver truly compassionate care. That is why we never discourage determination. Instead, we let it breathe in an atmosphere of great possibilities, offering many opportunities for continuing education and professional growth. 

Attention to detail and truly compassionate care is what sets us apart, and is at the heart of who we are. The evidence is found in the warmth and smiles of our patients and Colleagues. Our team members are here because they want to be, which has created a place that defies expectations, elevates hope and is driven to achieve the impossible. 

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