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World-class medicine, small town setting

Goshen is the town you would expect to find here in the heart of the Midwest. It stands today in what was once Miami Indian Territory. Early settlers who migrated mainly from Ohio and Pennsylvania founded the city in the early 1800s. This included many Amish, who brought with them religious beliefs and social customs that are still evident today. Its neighborhoods are full of tree-lined streets, and steeped in traditional values. As the seat of Elkhart County, it boasts one of the largest county fairs in the nation.

Elkhart County is home to many manufacturing companies. The area is known as the center of the U.S. recreational vehicle industry, which makes up more than 23 percent of this area’s employment. Goshen is also home to Goshen College. A 1,000-student, four-year liberal arts college, Goshen College is also a major contributor to the area’s fine arts culture, hosting national-level entertainment at its world-class music center. The Maple City Greenway, a network of bicycle/pedestrian paths and hiking trails, connects residential neighborhoods, schools and parks, to a thriving downtown area.

Worship, culture and values

The strength of Goshen is its diverse population. Its residents are caring, supportive and friendly. Goshen maintains that small town feel, yet offers many of the amenities found in larger cities. Sixty-one churches from 34 religious denominations offer worship opportunities for everyone interested in a church relationship. Inter-church efforts and community fellowship are the basis of the community’s strong spiritual tradition.

The Goshen area is one of three areas in the United States with a concentration of Old Order Amish people. Residents and visitors to the Goshen area benefit from the legendary craftsmanship of Amish artisans. The Amish heritage is also celebrated at attractions and restaurants throughout the region.

In addition, the community is entertained by local dance troupes, musical ensembles and theater groups. A local art association, area museums and art fairs further foster appreciation for the arts. Goshen is also home to a growing artisan community. Their work can be seen at many local guilds and boutiques, and at The Old Bag Factory, an 1890s-era factory building that is now the home to many local artists, furniture makers and craftsmen.

Goshen Hospital has been part of the fabric of the community for over 100 years. Countless neighborhood babies have been born here, many growing up to become Colleagues themselves. Not only the people of Goshen, but also people from a greater area around Goshen, consider our hospital, our doctors and our nurses as part of their families.

Explore Goshen. Walk down Main Street. Take in a Friday night football game between rival high schools. There’s a good chance you’ll begin to crave the lifestyle you thought had vanished, and begin to picture yourself as part of the family, too.

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