We are more than oncologists

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, seemingly consuming every aspect of your life. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we know that you are more than your cancer. So we take a unique, integrative approach that not only treats cancer, but all of you. It’s an integrative approach that brings together all of our highly trained oncology specialists, including medical physicians, surgeons, pathologist and radiologist, along with dedicated support staff, under one roof. In addition, we have integrative care professionals including naturopathic doctorsdietitians and mind-body counselors. Together, this team structures a treatment program unique to you – one that takes your needs, values and quality of life into account, empowering you when you need it most.

Understanding integrative care

The goal of integrative care is to provide focused, seamless care for the mind, body and spirit. By working as a team, our fellowship-trained doctors determine the best treatment options for each individual. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. At the same time, other cancer experts work with you in many aspects of your life and your health. We believe in treating all of you, not just your cancer, because we understand the vital importance of quality of life.


  • Patient-centered care
  • Use of traditional and holistic treatments
  • Focus on mind, body and spirit
  • Emphasis on non-invasive treatments when possible
  • Team approach to care
  • Focus on quality of life
  • Strong relationship between doctor(s) and patient

Putting you in the center

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, our integrative care approach means we have a team of cancer care professionals – all focused on you. Imagine what this could mean for you.

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