Borden Waste-Away and its customers donate to Goshen Center for Cancer Care

October 8, 2019

Borden Waste-Away presented a check to the Goshen Health Foundation on October 7 at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. The check for $19,890.80 represents the contributions of Borden’s customers who participate in Borden’s “Trash Cancer Program” and the dollar for dollar match by Borden Waste-Away. This year marks the eighth year of the program and brings the total contributions to $180,730.68. All of the money goes toward research through Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund.
“Goshen Center for Cancer Care benefits enormously through partnerships like this,” said Jim Caskey, Vice President, Goshen Health Foundation. “We are grateful for the leaders at Borden who make it so easy and convenient for their customers to participate in the ‘Trash Cancer’ matching program – connecting people in the community who want to make a difference in cancer care.”

“Borden extends its gratitude to those who participate in our Pink Cart and Trash Cancer Matching Fund Programs and to our friends at the Goshen Center for Cancer Care who provide such excellent and valuable care,” said Chris Himes, President, Borden Waste-Away. “Their research and clinical trials provide world-class access to the latest in cancer treatments and we consider ourselves fortunate to provide such a meaningful partnership.”

Borden’s Trash Cancer Matching Fund program offers customers an optional pink cart for roadside trash collection as well as a Trash Cancer Matching Fund that allows customers to add $1 each month to their billing, which Borden matches dollar for dollar. All donations and Borden’s matching funds support the Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund with programs that include 45 active clinical trials, spanning breast, lung, colorectal, lymphoma, esophageal, head and neck, prostate, melanoma, multiple myeloma, pancreatic, and other cancers.  Other programs include preclinical studies for early detection, cancer vaccinations and improved radiation oncology verification systems, as well as The Tissue Bank.

To participate in Borden’s donation programs, call (800) 386-3313, ext. 570.

Representatives of Borden Waste-Away (left to right) Rich Mauman, Mike Allen and Johnny Backman presented a check to Goshen Health President and CEO Randy Christophel. Also pictured are Susan Franger, Vice President of Cancer Services, Jim Caskey, Vice President of Goshen Health Foundation and Lindsey Mason, Assistant Campaign Manager. The check goes to Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund.