Cardiac rehabilitation center expands to meet patient needs

February 5, 2018

GOSHEN, Ind. – Goshen Heart & Vascular Center has expanded its cardiac rehabilitation facility to meet increased demand by patients who are recovering from heart failure.

The larger fitness room accommodates more equipment, helping reduce patient wait times. The new patient education room can hold 12 to 14 people, nearly doubling seating capacity to better accommodate growing class sizes.

“We’re excited to have more space and resources available to care for patients recovering from heart attacks or procedures,” said Tim Near, director of Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Services.

Patients use the equipment under the supervision of a trained rehabilitation team. They also attend classes to learn more about how nutrition, exercise and medications can help them manage their heart disease. Although everyone’s program includes certain topics, each patient’s plan is individualized to best meet his or her needs – and to take into consideration any other health conditions.

This comprehensive approach to cardiac rehabilitation has been proven to help patients after heart failure improve their health, lower their risk for heart disease and decrease the rate of readmission to the hospital.

The expanded facility provides services for patients of Goshen Heart & Vascular Center.