COVID-19 numbers at Goshen Health

September 8, 2020

Below is COVID-19 activity for Goshen Health as of September 8, going back to March 11.
13,825 tests completed
1,696 positive test results (overall positivity rate of 12.5%)
11,905 negative test results
165 outstanding test results
252 hospital admissions
243 hospital discharges
28 confirmed COVID-19 positive related mortalities
“This week, things have remained fairly stable with respect to COVID-19 numbers. This is encouraging because children have been back in school for a couple of weeks and we haven’t seen a big increase in the number of positive cases,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Goshen Hospital Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease Specialist. “This implies that our precautions of wearing masks, physical distancing and staying home when sick are having the desired effect. We appreciate the community’s staying the course and following the precautions.”