Goshen Center for Cancer Care introduces groundbreaking modification for gynecological robotic surgery

March 6, 2018

GOSHEN, Ind. – Goshen Center for Cancer Care now offers a modified surgical position for high-risk patients having gynecological robotic surgery. Recent developments in minimally invasive robotic surgeries allow for faster recovery, which is especially ideal for women suffering from ovarian, endometrial or cervical cancer. However, the standard robotic surgery position, known as “Trendelenburg” is not optimal for women with certain heart, respiratory, eye or obese conditions because it can lead to added complications.

Nicole Fornalik, physician assistant on the gynecological oncology team, worked closely with her husband, Hubert Fornalik, MD, head of the gynecologic oncologist program, to introduce a modification to the standard robotic surgical position. This change in position poses less risk to a patient’s pre-existing conditions. Goshen Center for Cancer Care is noted as the first center to introduce this alternative method during gynecological surgeries.

 “We always have to take into account any medical conditions a patient has before performing a complex surgery,” says Dr. Hubert Fornalik. “In some cases, this means we need to modify the way we operate. According to PubMed, the National Library of Medicine database, this particular case marks the first reported robotic pelvic surgery performed using an alternative position to the standard approach. We are very excited to bring this practice to our community to provide better cancer care to our patients. To date, we have three patients with pre-existing conditions who have benefitted from this approach.”

A video article on the topic has been published by the Fornaliks in the February issue of the Gynecologic Oncology journal. To learn more about this groundbreaking modification, please follow this link: Authors.Elsevier.com/a/1WV4WKfi8azYc.

Dr. Fornalik and his team are leaders in hand-assisted robotic surgery, being the first to introduce it to gynecology in 2015.

Nicole Fornalik, physician assistant on the gynecological oncology team

Nicole Fornalik, physician assistant on the gynecological oncology team


Dr. Hubert Fornalik, head of the gynecologic oncologist program