Grateful business owner returns to hospital to say thank you

September 24, 2019

Jeff Snider, owner of Snider’s Leading Jewelers in Goshen, is grateful to be alive. A heart attack was the furthest thing from Snider’s mind on the evening of May 17 when he had chest pains.

“I’m in good shape – not overweight, don’t smoke. I felt fine when I left work,” he said.

He thought he had bad indigestion. But everything he tried to relieve the pressure didn’t work. After a sleepless night, he finally called a family member to take him to the hospital.

Within five minutes of his arrival, Snider was on his way to emergency treatment for a heart attack. A cardiac team, led by Abdul Basit, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, used a minimally invasive procedure called angioplasty to open a completely blocked artery. The team also placed a stent to keep Snider’s artery open and improve blood flow.

“I found out later I was already gone by the time I got into the operating room,” said Snider. “They had to work on me for a while before they could clear the blockage.”

While he was in the Intensive Care Unit, one of Snider’s nurses was Abigail Campbell, BSN, RN, CCRN. “I also visited him when he moved to the Progressive Care Unit to see how he was doing,” she said. A few months later, they ran into each other at the Elkhart County Fair. “I loved seeing how great of a recovery he had made! It was so wonderful to see my patient who had been in the intensive care unit up and walking around in the community!”

Altogether, Snider was in the hospital for 18 days, choosing to have stents placed in partially blocked arteries while he was there. “I didn’t want to come back some day to get the other fixed. I wanted to know they were all clear.”

In August, Snider returned to Goshen Hospital to see his caregivers. “I wanted to thank the nurses who took such good care of me,” he said. “They were more than nurses – they were angels.”

“Often as nurses working with intensive care patients, we don’t get positive outcomes such as Jeff’s case,” said Campbell. “We often work with every ounce of our energy to save someone and become extremely emotionally invested. Jeff’s case was no different except he made a wonderful recovery after a very hard road in the hospital and he was kind enough to give us the gift of seeing him happy and healthy! That’s the best thing a nurse can get and makes what we do so worth it!”

“You don’t think about having a good experience in the hospital,” Snider said. “But those nurses made all the difference. It was heartwarming to see them again.”

Luke Kaufman, RN, and Abby Campbell, RN, were two of the nurses who took care of Jeff Snider when he was at Goshen Hospital after his heart attack.