Local kids ran 4,558 miles since August!

January 3, 2019

GOSHEN, Ind. – Running in their school’s halls encourages students to exercise, as proven by the seven schools who participated in Goshen Health’s Run the Halls program this fall semester. Together, the schools – Jefferson, Prairie View, Monger, York, Riverdale, Oxbow and Chandler Elementary – signed up 352 students, who ran a total of 4,558 miles this fall.

All students are welcome to join the program and run at their own pace. Goshen Health supports Runs the Halls by providing supplies and motivational gifts, free to the schools. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for students to be physically active which can impact obesity rates, promote overall wellness and help students develop an enjoyment of exercise. 

The program is good for school staff as well, many of whom run regularly with the students. Barbie Estrup, School Nurse at Riverview Elementary said, “We like to offer the program during the winter so our kids can run inside during the cold months. Our kids love it!”

“Think of how excited students will be when they hear they’ll get to run in the halls – without getting in trouble!” said Randy Christophel, President and CEO of Goshen Health.

Looking back on 2018, 807 students ran 11,605 miles – what an accomplishment! To find out how to offer the program at your school, call (574) 364-2496 or email sbowers@goshenhealth.com