Medical oncologist joins Goshen Center for Cancer Care

September 18, 2023

Board certified Medical Oncologist Kennedy “Kenny” Iheanacho, MD, joined Goshen Center for Cancer Care. Dr. Iheanacho recently completed fellowship training in hematology and oncology at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He specializes in the treatment of all types of cancers, including cancers of the blood and solid organs. He also treats noncancerous disorders of the blood.
“Fellowship trained oncologists, like Dr. Iheanacho, bring valuable knowledge in emerging therapies to our community,” said Randy Christophel, Goshen Health President and Chief Executive Officer. “Advances in immunotherapy and targeted therapies give patients more treatment options that lead to better outcomes, fewer side effects and greater quality of life.”
Dr. Iheanacho received his Doctor of Medicine from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans.

Medical Oncologist Kenny Iheanacho, MD, joins Goshen Center for Cancer Care.