Goshen Health launches new program to help community be more active

April 12, 2021

Children and adults need regular physical activity to stay healthy and feel their best. But for many people, getting enough daily exercise can be a challenge.

To encourage families and individuals to be more active, Goshen Health is offering a new online program: ActiveTrac. The program, which is free, helps participants track their successes, while providing support and resources.

“We’re excited to make this program available to our community because it fits so well into our mission of improving the health of our community,” said Randy Christophel, President and CEO. “Anytime we can support an initiative that encourages people to be more active, we feel we are making a difference.”
To register for ActiveTrac, go to www.GoshenHealth.com/activetrac. Or call (574) 364-2496 for more information.