Participating in a wellness program makes a difference

April 24, 2018

GOSHEN, Ind. – The Get Fit Get Healthy (GFGH) worksite wellness program encourages participating employers to nominate their employees who have made noticeable lifestyle improvements for a Champion of Wellness Award. In addition, GFGH Colleagues also nominate employers for creating healthier workplace cultures. The GFGH wellness program is part of Business Health Advantage, offered under Goshen Health to help impact the health of the community. 

This year 13 employers and 25 employees were nominated. Nominees had distinguished themselves by giving up sugar, changing their eating habits, exercising more and even becoming a cardio drumming instructor. As a result, some had lost weight; lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure and A1C; and were able to reduce their medications. Some individuals noted that being around for their children or grandchildren motivated them.      

All nominees were invited to the Champions of Wellness Banquet, held April 16, 2018 at the Bread & Chocolate Ballroom of the Bag Factory, Goshen.
Joe Williams, Wieland Designs, was the speaker, sharing his health journey of overcoming multiple health challenges. “Going through my experience gave me insight into the importance of mental health and changed my perspective. If there’s anybody we can help, I feel we need to help them.”

Employees who took home awards were 

  • Amber Stroud, Goshen Health, for the Most Improved. In addition to losing weight, Stroud’s optimism inspired others. 
  • Cathy Teeter, Midwest Energy, for First Runner Up. Teeter focuses on a healthy diet and regular exercise. She also serves on her employer’s wellness committee. 
  •  Abdul Basit, MD, Goshen Health, for Second Runner Up. Dr. Basit practices what he teaches and encourages his patients and Colleagues to change their behavior to improve their health.  
  • Denice Hartline, C&S Machines, for First Place. In addition to choosing a healthy diet, one of the ways Hartline stays physically active is to walk on a treadmill at her desk. 

Heritage Financial won the award for the healthiest small employer; Wieland Designs won for the healthiest large employer; and Midwest Energy & Communications won the Wellness Warrior Award. All have wellness committees that meet regularly to provide incentives, challenges and education to their employees. 

Wieland Designs earned the First Place Champions of Wellness Award for large employers. Shown left to right: Kristin Hicks, Get Fit Get Healthy (GFGH); Lorenza Zapata, Wieland Designs; Kaylin Harkins, GFGH; Joel Conrad, GFGH; Karmin Wieland-Yonts, Wieland Designs; Joe Williams, Wieland Designs and guest speaker. 

About Business Health Advantage:
A division of Goshen Health, Business Health Advantage offers population health programs to businesses. Their programs help reduce healthcare costs by improving care across the continuum, improve the health of their employees and reduce healthcare expenses in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. They use evidence-based chronic and preventive care to help employers improve the quality of life for their employees.