Prominent local cardiologist retires after bringing a dream to life

January 25, 2017

GOSHEN, Ind. – After 29 years of practicing medicine in Goshen, Dr. Mark Smucker is retiring from full-time practice. As a cardiologist, Dr. Smucker began to dream of building a heart care center that would provide proper, guideline-influenced care to the Goshen community. Eight years ago, Goshen Health gave him the opportunity to do just that.

“We were privileged to partner with Dr. Smucker as he led the development of the Goshen Heart & Vascular Center,” said Randy Christophel, president and CEO, Goshen Health. “We were convinced of the need for more local heart and vascular care. Plus, the center is in perfect alignment with our mission of providing innovative and outstanding care to our community.”

“Our team of doctors and nurses has daily meetings to discuss individual patient care,” said Dr. Smucker. "We have improved teamwork with the emergency room and emergency medical services providers to expedite emergency care. By working together, we’ve improved the quality of patient care, reduced unnecessary tests and invasive surgeries, saved more endangered limbs from being amputated (due to vascular disease) and provided faster intervention in emergencies, achieving some of the fastest heart attack care and lowest mortality rates in the country."

Under the leadership of Dr. Smucker, the center has been recognized for the past five years for excellence in the care of heart attack patients. For this, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center received the Platinum Performance Achievement Award from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association.

“My goal was to change the way heart and vascular disease was identified and treated in our community. We accomplished this by developing an innovative team approach, relying on the latest technology and encouraging proactive screening for earlier detection,” said Dr. Smucker. “The last eight years with Goshen Heart & Vascular Center have been the most rewarding of my career.”

Dr. Peter Kim, who worked alongside Dr. Smucker to develop the heart program from the very beginning, will be the new medical director of cardiology effective this month.


About Goshen Health:
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